Timetable and School Effectiveness: The Role of School Administrator


Ogunbiyi Oluwadare Deji
T. D. Kajo


School timetable reveal the reality of a school's curriculum organization. It performs the important task of allocating a large proportion of the school's resources. The school timetable is a powerful administrative tool. Ideally it should operationalize the aims and objectives of the school by providing an appropriate structural dimension to the curriculum to make the activities school effective. Stark reality may prevent this ideal relationship from being achieved. Another function served by the school timetable is its allocative role. The resources of teacher"time, pupil"time and room"space have their use controlled directly by the timetable. The material resources of equipment and supplies, which are largely related to subjects taught, are indirectly controlled. Timetable analysis can therefore serve two purposes. This paper examines timetable and school effectiveness. Majorly the study examined importance of school time table, guidelines for construction of the school time table. It itemizes the contents of the school time table and the steps to which a school administrator must take in order to ensure school effectiveness. With endless list of activities in the school and for school effectiveness, it was concluded in the study that school administrators and school management at large ensure everything in their capacity to have a well-planned timetable in the school for effective school administration. It was also recommended that in order to keep up with the changing educational system, school administrators need to make use of technology (computer software) in constructing school timetable which will help them attain efficient results that brings about school effectiveness.



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