Inheritance of Yield and Quality Traits in Tomato


Ahmed Hussain Khan
Zahid Akram
Taj Naseeb Khan
Muhammad Fakhar
Muhammad Awais Ali Khan


This research was conducted to check combining ability effects and heterotic effects among six parents and nine F1 crosses. Hybrids were developed through Line x Tester technique at NARC in the year 2013-2014. Hybrids along their parents were sown in four replications by following RCBD technique. Genotypes were evaluated on the basis of heterotic effects over better parent & mid parent and combining ability effects. Positive heterosis were found for plant height, fruits per cluster, total number of fruits per plant, fruit weight, yield per plant, Total Soluble Solids, lycopene and beta carotene contents while negative heterosis were found for days to maturity by cross Peto-86 í— Naqeeb. Analysis of variance for line x tester was highly significant for days to flowering, maturity, fruit weight, yield per plant, TSS, lycopene and beta-carotene contents. Among parents, best general combiner was Naqeeb followed by peto-86 found for majority of traits under considered. Hybrid Peto-86 x Naqeeb followed by NTH-1004 x Pakit and Peto-86 x Riograndi showed high specific combining ability effects among crosses. Dominance or epistatic type of gene actions were observed for all parameters under studied.


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Khan, A. H., Akram, Z., Khan, T. N., Fakhar, M., & Khan, M. A. A. (2018). Inheritance of Yield and Quality Traits in Tomato. The International Journal of Humanities & Social Studies, 6(10). Retrieved from

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