Enhancing Tourist Health through Innovative Touristic Product: BOMAPS


Hassnah Wee
Nor Azah Mustapha
Siti Aishah Muhajirin
Rabi'atul Afiqah Kadir


People are currently paying more attention on personal health and well-being, and consequently, they have also become significant motives for consumption. Wellness consumption has become a significant consumption trend, and its potential is widely recognized. This paper emphasis on the opportunity of offering innovative touristic product BOMAPS that enhance tourists' wellbeing while visiting a destination attraction. The study used a quantitative research method to collect and analyze the data. A total of 100 respondents participated in the survey. The results confirm the acceptance of the new product usability and features that enhance tourists' wellbeing as well as contribute to green tourism practices. This innovative product could ease the movement of tourists at the places of attraction and keep their body hydrated. Benefits of the new touristic product with environmental-friendly features support the government strategy in creating a sustainable environment and green practice implementation.


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Wee, H., Mustapha, N. A., Muhajirin, S. A., & Kadir, R. A. (2018). Enhancing Tourist Health through Innovative Touristic Product: BOMAPS. The International Journal of Humanities & Social Studies, 6(10). Retrieved from http://internationaljournalcorner.com/index.php/theijhss/article/view/138731