Decolourization of Nigrosine WS (AB2) Dye by Solar Photo-Fenton Process


Akash Tikhe
M. R. Gidde


Number of physical and chemical treatment methods has been reported for the treatment of dye effluents. Among themone of the widely used and effective chemical treatment methods are AOPs for the removal of recalcitrant organic constituents from textile industrial and municipal wastewater.On the basis of solubility of dye in water, highly soluble Nigrosine WS (Acid Black 2) dye was studied which is widely used in dying of leather, wood and textile.The homogenous Photo-Fenton process was investigated for the decolourization of Nigrosine WS (Acid Black 2) dye under solar irradiation in aqueous solution. A detailed investigation of decolourization of dye was carried out using H2O2 and FeSO4.7H2O as catalyst. The combination of these reagents generates HO radical, a strong oxidizing agent which is responsible for decolourization of dye. Results show that decolourization of dye depends on concentration of dye, H2O2, FeSO4.7H2O and pH of the aqueous solution. The optimum condition for the decolourization of dye was determined. This method gave complete dye removal in just 2 hour of time period.


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