Influence of Sprouted Pigeon Pea (Cajanus Cajan) Flour Inclusion on Sensory Quality of Moin-Moin


Akajiaku, L. O.
Nwosu J. N.
Odimegwu, E. N
Alagboso, S. O.
Uzoechi, J. C.


This study investigated the influence of sprouted pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan) flour inclusion on sensory quality of moin-moin. Pigeon pea seeds were germinated and processed into flour, also cowpea seeds were processed into flour. Both flours were blended at varying proportions, cowpea flour: pigeon pea flour (CPF: PPF); A = 100:0, B = 0:100, C = 90:10, D = 80:20 E = 70:30, F = 60:40, G = 50:50, H = 40:60, I = 30:70, J = 20:80, K = 10:90 and 11 samples were obtained. Functional analysis was carried out on the flour blends, while sensory evaluation was carried out on moin-moin samples. The flour functional analysis showed that solubility, swelling index, water absorption capacity, oil absorption capacity, loose bulk density, pack bulk density, foam capacity, wettability, gelation, and boiling point ranged respectively from 8.00-48.00%, 1.10-1.50, 2.00-2.30ml/g, 1.20-1.60ml/g, 0.48-0.59g/ml, 0.71-0.91g/ml, 7.18-18.66%, 12.06-31.92, 46.00-56.00oC, and 48.00-64.00oC. The sensory evaluation showed that appearance, aroma, texture, taste, mouth-feel and overall acceptability ranged from 5.90-7.65, 6.40-7.50, 5.90-8.15, 6.20-7.25, 6.50-7.50 and 6.70-8.05 respectively. Sample C had the highest overall acceptability. Generally, the level of acceptability was high. This shows that substituting cowpea with pigeon pea would be effective in food processing.


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