Business Analytics: From Big Data to Brief Details


Babalola, Olanrewaju Emmanuel
Folorunso, Esther Oluwabusayo


Undoubtedly, technology has made the world a global village and created a fast-paced environment. This is accompanied by a plethora of data amidst limited time. To arrive at an informed and relevant decision, the numerous data needs to be fully optimized, and this is where business analytics comes in. Business analytics simply stands in the gap to ensure all data sets are efficiently utilized into concise and relevant information for the users. This paper provides an overview of business analytics, including its history and current trends, the methodologies, techniques, and relevant analytical tools used in the field, and its application to real-world business problems. This paper seeks to explore relevant analytical tools and practices that translate big data into brief details without "hiding" the actual data sets in the business world.


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Babalola, Olanrewaju Emmanuel, & Folorunso, Esther Oluwabusayo. (2024). Business Analytics: From Big Data to Brief Details. The International Journal of Science & Technoledge, 12(1). (Original work published January 30, 2024)