Examination of Self-Directed Learning Readiness among Baccalaureate Nursing Students in Peshawar Pakistan


Afsha Badshah Said
Nasreen Ghani
Awal Khan
Musarrat Kiramat


Background: Development of nursing profession demands acquisition of skills that promote continue and lifelong learning. Self-directed learning is one among those skills which is critical for nursing students, identified in the 21st Century Learning Frameworks.

Objectives:  This study was aimed to determine undergraduate nursing students' readiness towards self-directed learning at four nursing institutions of Peshawar.

Methods: A questionnaire based cross sectional descriptive study involving convenient sample of undergraduate second year, 4th semester students from four degree awarding nursing institutions of Peshawar. Level of self-directed learning readiness was determined by utilizing a self-directed learning readiness scale for nursing education (SDLRSNE) Comprising a five points Likert scale 1= strongly agree & 5= strongly agree.

Findings: There were 91 participants in the study. The overall mean score on Fisher's 40 items self-directed learning readiness (SDLR) scale was 153±25, the mean score on self-management subscale was 48± 8.4, and mean score of students on self-control subscale was 58.2 ± 11 while mean score on desire for learning subscale was 47 ±8. About 60 %( n=55) students scored 150 and above which is acceptable level of readiness for SDL on a scale ranging from score 40- 200.

Conclusion: The students showed adequate level of readiness towards SDL which will have encouraging implication on their career and in-service education, furthermore it will help in development of student centered nursing curriculum.