Revolutionizing Textile Recycling and Upcycling Practices: A Comprehensive Exploration of Innovative Approaches for Environmental Sustainability


Dinah Bridget Oduraa Osei
James Tetteh Ademtsu


The textile industry's substantial environmental impact necessitates sustainable practices. This research investigates cutting-edge approaches in textile recycling and upcycling to mitigate the sector's environmental footprint in Ghana. It explores advanced materials like biopolymers and biocomposites, technological innovations including mechanical/chemical recycling and blockchain, and circular design strategies such as modular construction and recyclable materials. Environmental assessments through life cycle analysis (LCA) and sustainability metrics evaluate these approaches' potential impacts. The study examines the feasibility and implications within Ghana's context, considering economic viability, technical expertise, consumer acceptance, and policy support. It provides recommendations for fostering sustainable practices through stakeholder collaboration, capacity-building, supportive policies, and consumer awareness campaigns, contributing insights to promote a circular and sustainable textile industry.


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