For a SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY journal, drenched with an international flavour, knowledge exposure always means a proper penetration in every strata of the academic body at large. The journey of ‘THE IJST’ has always been a success with our authors’ & readers’ assistance and mutual understanding . Your favourite journal ‘THE IJST’ now endeavours to encompass all possible subjects as well as its intent, depth and wings of learning in a two-pronged plan. For an extensive promotion of research and innovation, ‘THE IJST’ welcomes erudite professors, professionals, research scholars to collaborate with us in a two-dimensional way as either an ‘Editorial Advisor’ or a ‘General Member’.

Editorial Advisor:

‘THE IJST’ offers the honorary designation of the Editorial Advisory to select professors/professionals with the solemn degree of Ph.D and academic/professional experience of more than 5 years (more than 10 years for non-Ph.D holders). Our expectation from such an exponential and an eloquent panel of advisors is that they work as mentors and deliver valuable pieces of advice for the improvement of the journal.

Please send a request mail to with your updated resume. We will get back to you by 1-2 weeks.


With the advent of globalization, the worldwide research community has come under a central umbrella. The research area is consequently enlarged and diversified. But, in alliance with it, there has been little number of central archive where versatile research findings are sequenced for the authors and patronized by the readers. This is time to zero in the dissemination of knowledge from a single global interface. With a view to stimulate research works and collect and juxtapose the dispersed items, ‘THE IJST’ addresses to the worthy professors/professionals/researchers/students to tie the knot with their much- desired journal as a member.

The membership program enrols the voluntary candidates without any outlay for one academic year. ‘THE IJST’ felicitates the members with a certificate for their cooperation with the journal and make it a success. Through an individual academic dais, one can grab the opportunity to become the ‘THE IJST’ brand ambassador and double up its reach as a catalyst.

Please send a request mail to with your updated resume. We will get back to you by 1-2 weeks.